Mnemonic for hepatitis

How to remember different types of hepatitis?

One mnemonic for remembering the types of hepatitis is “HEP ABCDE”:

  • H: Hepatitis A
  • E: Hepatitis B
  • P: Hepatitis C
  • A: Hepatitis D (also known as Delta hepatitis)
  • B: Hepatitis E

Another mnemonic is “VIRAL”

  • V: Hepatitis A (Viral)
  • I: Hepatitis B (Icosahedral)
  • R: Hepatitis C (RNA virus)
  • A: Hepatitis D (Auxiliary)
  • L: Hepatitis E (Large)

These mnemonics can be helpful in remembering the different types of hepatitis, but it’s also important to understand the characteristics and causes of each type of hepatitis for better understanding.

How to remember the spelling of hepatitis?

hepatitis = hepat + titis (inflammation)

You can further break it down to he + pat + titis

You can imagine “he pat so hard and got inflammation.