Mnemonic for amalgamate

What is common definition of amalgamate?

The verb “amalgamate” means to combine or mix different elements into a single entity, typically with the aim of forming a more cohesive whole. The term is often used in contexts where different parts are merged or joined together, such as the amalgamation of companies, organizations, or communities. It can also refer to the blending of diverse elements, such as cultures or ideas, into a unified whole.

How to remember amalgamate?

Method 1:

To remember the word “amalgamate,” you can associate it with the idea of combining or blending things together. Think of the word “amalgam,” which is a mixture of metals, as a starting point. The verb “amalgamate” means to mix or combine different elements into a single entity.

Method 2:

You can also break down the word into “a-mal-gam-ate” to help you remember its meaning and pronunciation.

Method 3: (for chinese)

a-mal-ga-mate sounds like 阿妈嫁没?