Mnemonic for diarrhea

How to remember the spelling of diarrhea?

Here are the mnemonic devices you can choose:

Diarrhoea Is A Really Rather Humiliating Occurrence, Especially Annoying!

Diarrhoea Is A Really Runny Heap Of Endless Amounts

Dining In A Rough Restaurant: Hurry, Otherwise Expect Accidents!

Dashing In A Rush; Running Hard, Or Else, Accident.

Dash In A Real Rush, Hurry Or Else Accident!
Dead In A Rolls-Royce Having Over-Eaten Again

Alternatively you can remember the spelling of diarrhea by this way:

Think about the word “diary” which is spelled with an “a” after the “i.” “Diarrhea” also has an “a” after the “i” and it rhymes with “diary” so it can help you remember the spelling of the word. Another technique to remember the spelling could be to use an association with the word diarrhea as a way to remember the spelling, such as thinking of “diarrhea” as “diarrhetic” which means “relating to diarrhea” and it has the same letters as diarrhea. Another way is to break the word down in syllable “di-ar-rhea” and remember that it has two “a” and two “r”.